Zhen Bei Fang Cultural Park

Tainan Park

Tainan King San Shan’s Temple

Xi Hua Tang

  The Jhen Bei Fang Cultural Zone is located in North District of Tainan City, and is surrounded by Beimen Rd., Ximen Rd. Sec. 3, and Chenggong Rd. Besides the Tainan Park, there are other 11 National Monuments and Municipal Monuments and 2 municipal historical buildings in the Cultural Zone. People can see the diversity of historical sites in the Jhen Bei Fang Cultural Zone, which includes temples, shrines, schools, memorial arches, Well of Black Africans and the Lane 321 Art Village…etc. Start enjoying the tour by walking along the Chenggong Rd. and Gongyuan Rd. in front of the Tainan Train Station.


  The temples and shrines in the cultural zone can be regarded as the most valuable historical sites in Tainan. Matsu, the goddess, is mainly consecrated in the Kai-Chi Matsu Temple, and this temple is also the earliest Matsu temple that built by the incidents. Si Dian Xing Ji Temple consecrates the God Bao-Sheng Emperor. Da Guan Yin Ting is the earliest temple that worships Guan Yin. And the Kai Chi Yu Huang Temple is where Tainan citizens start worshiping the God, who rules the heaven in traditional Chinese culture. Locals call it “Old Tien Gong Temple” as well.